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Why do Gas Line Issues Need to be Repaired ASAP?

Why do Gas Line Issues Need to be Repaired ASAP?

There are many reasons why gas line issues should not be left unattended. In addition to all the health and safety concerns, ignoring these problems can result in repercussions from the gas company.
Think of your gas line in two sections. San Diego Gas and Electric is responsible for the pipelines that carry natural gas to your meter. At the same time, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing the lines that take it from the meter to your home.
If the gas company is called to deal with a problem that has resulted from damage to your side of the line, they will turn off service to your house. It will likely remain turned off until you repair the issue. Additionally, they may require you to provide the results of a city inspection and attain a city permit (all on your dime) before restoring gas service to your home.
This headache alone is enough reason to attend to any gas line issues immediately. But how do you know if there are any problems to be treated? Let’s talk about three of the most common gas line issues and how to fix them.

1. Gas Leak

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous problems to leave unattended. Gas fumes are toxic for those breathing them, and they can also result in fire and explosions. One sign you may have a leak is the presence of a rotten egg or sulfuric odor. The gas company adds this scent as an indicator of leaks. Other signs can include noticeable increases on your gas bill or houseplants wilting simultaneously.
If the leak is coming from one of your natural gas-powered appliances, you will hear a hissing sound coming from the gas source. If it’s coming from the gas pipes underground, air bubbles will rise to the surface through standing water in your yard. If you notice any of these signs around your home, turn off the gas line and call your local plumber who can fix this immediately.

2. Line Blockage

Sometimes gas lines can get blocked with dirt and debris. These blockages can prevent gas from flowing freely through the pipes and even stop your gas appliances from working altogether.
Turn off the gas supply and call your plumber if you notice this happening. We will be able to locate blockages, clear them using a specialty auger or drain probe, and look for any possible leakages.

3. Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are typically not suitable for use in gas lines. They are more prone to blockages and leaks. Copper piping can create sulfates that lead to blockages, and it’s an excellent conductor of energy, making it more hazardous than other types of piping. Contact a plumber who can replace the pipes making your gas lines safer and less likely to develop clogs if your home is outfitted using copper piping.
Anyone who owns a home or a building is responsible for maintaining and repairing their gas lines. Contact Fox Plumbing today for all of your natural gas line repairs.