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Whole House Water Filtration Systems


Platinum Plus
Diamond Ultrafilter

The “Ultimate” in Water Filtration

    Want the “ultimate” in whole home water filtration then you need to add the Honest Water Filter Diamond System, powered by Aquamor.

    Filtered water is more necessary than ever with today’s municipal water quality. Bottled water is expensive, and not environmentally friendly. It also doesn’t address bathing, cooking and cleaning. Bottled water also does not protect your plumbing!

    • Sub-micron filters down to 0.015 of a micron at 15 gallons per minute.
    • 99.99% four log reduction of bacteria, viruses and cyst
    • Very low operating cost and flexible programming to handle most water sources, including wells
    • Self-cleaning cycles ensures a longer life of cartridge
    • Complete design ready to install
    • Optional scale control available
    • In Process: NSF Certification P231 (Microbiological water purifiers are certified for health and sanitation based on the recommendations of the EPA’s Task Force Report, Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers (1987) (Annex B).
Platinum Plus


Better Water For Your Family
Better Water For Your Home

    If you are looking for high quality whole house water treatment at an affordable price, then our Platinum Plus System is for you.

  • 10 Micron “Defender” filter protects system against large particulates, sediments and turbidity.
  • Finest coconut shell catalytic carbon block filter reduces organics, smaller particulates and contaminants including chlorine and chloramines that make drinking water smell and taste bad and may harm your plumbing.
  • Sub-micron (0.2) filter reduces 99.95% of microbial cyst bacteria like cryptosporidium, toxoplasma, giardia and entamoeba that are resistant to public water disinfection and could cause issues with your health.
  • Polyphosphates adds a hard water solution and scale inhibitor. Food-grade, FDA-approved polyphosphates treats and sequesters hard water minerals and protects your plumbing from limescale formation and corrosion.
  • NSF rated to treat up to 120,000 gallons (dual system).


Protect Your Pipes And Fixtures From Corrosion-Causing Hard Water Minerals

A staggering 85% of the U.S. has hard water. Hard water is high in mineral content largely made up of calcium, magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. These minerals when exposed to air or frozen turn white. That is why you see white film around your faucets, glasses and in your ice cubes.

Polyphosphates are a hard water solution that reduce inorganic contaminants like iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. Inorganic contaminants are what cause biofilm, corrosion and scale build up on plumbing fixtures and pipes. Polyphosphates sequester the hard water minerals and protects your plumbing from limescale formation and corrosion thus preventing pinhole leaks and other costly plumbing issues.


High-Quality Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Filter Reduces Organics, Chlorine, Chloramines and Particulates in Drinking Water

Unlike standard Reverse Osmosis Systems, our Titanium Drinking Water System for chloramines does not waste any water. Some R/O units use as much as five gallons to make just one gallon of drinking water. This one compact cartridge fits under the sink requires much less mounting space plus does not use water to filter your water. Perfect for cooking, rinsing food and of course drinking water. The Carbon Block Filter (0.2 Microns) removes 99.95% of microbial cyst bacteria like Giardia, Toxoplasma, Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium that exist in today’s public water supplies. These bacteria and cysts are also more resistant to public water disinfection and could cause issues with your health.

Make a smarter choice with your drinking water and save hundreds of gallons of water every year and ditch bottled water.

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