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Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are plumbing valves that are designed to reduce water pressure coming into a home via the main water line. They reduce water pressure to a safe level, preventing strain on plumbing fixtures and subsequent leaks.

Do All Homes Have Water Pressure Regulators?

Not all homes have pressure regulators, but they are essential for homes with high water pressure between 150-200 psi. Normal pressure falls at about 50 psi for the average home.

Common Problems with Pressure Regulators

If you’re experiencing issues with your water pressure, it may be due to one or more of the following problems with your pressure regulator:
  • Blockages that restrict water flow
  • Damaged internal moving parts
  • Old age beyond 10 years
  • Incorrect pressure setting

When Do I Need a New Water Pressure Regulator?

Here are a few signs that you need pressure regulator repair or replacement:

  • Plumbing leaks from too high pressure
  • Water leaks from faucet when turned off
  • Water heater and appliance damage from high water pressure
  • Banging water pipes when water is turned off
Do you suspect issues with your pressure regulator? Call Fox Plumbing for expert repairs and replacements for pressure regulators.