Toilet Repair and Replacement San Diego

Toilet problems are not likely something you want to deal with, but never something you should put off. To prevent issues from becoming bigger (and costlier) problems down the road, don’t wait to seek professional help for expert toilet repair and replacement.

Where Do Most Toilet Issues Happen?

The toilet is made up of two main parts: the bowl and the tank. The bowl is what rests on the floor and is not much more than a porcelain drain. The upper tank holds the water that is released every time you flush (through the flush valve) and refills after the water levels drop (via the fill valve). The tank is where most toilet issues occur.

Common Reasons for Toilet Repair

There are many different toilet issues that require repair, including:

  • Constantly running toilets waste a lot of water
  • Leaking toilets can damage the floor and sub flooring, leading to more repairs and costs
  • Incorrectly flushing toilets usually have an issue inside the tank
  • Slow to fill toilets could have a problem with the fill valve assembly
  • Noisy toilets can have many reasons for the issue
  • Stuck or loose handle may just need the handle mounting to be tightened or loosened

Serious Issues that Require Toilet Replacement

If you’re unsure between toilet repair and replacement for your particular issue, there are certain problems that require a total replacement versus a simple fix.

  • Frequent flushing issues – Unlike occasional issues, constant flushing problems add up in terms of repair bills. A toilet replacement may be the best option.
  • Leaking cracks – If your toilet is cracked to the point that it leaks, you need to replace the entire toilet.
  • Wobbly toilet bowl – A wobbling toilet bowl means that the base isn’t firmly attached to the floor. It could be a simple issue to resolve, or a case for a new toilet.
  • Lots of water waste – if you’re ready to have an eco-friendly toilet that doesn’t waste as much water, upgrade your toilet to save on water waste and water bills.

Not sure if your toilet problem needs repairing or replacement? Get in touch with the toilet experts at Fox Plumbing today, a full-service plumbing company who can diagnose the issue and provide expert advice for toilet repair and replacement.

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