Shower Stall Replacement San Diego

If you’re remodeling an older bathroom, the shower is one of the larger elements that affects the entire space. An outdated shower is an eye sore that depletes the entire look of the bathroom, and one that is damaged is depleting your wallet and home’s integrity.

If your shower’s current condition contains one or more of the following characteristics, it’s time for a shower stall replacement.

Replacing the Shower Stall

If you can say “yes” to any of the following, it’s time to replace your shower stall:

  • The shower is cracked and causes water leaks
  • The shower is not flush with the wall, leading to dangerous mold growth
  • The shower is badly worn, and you can’t stand the sight of it

Shower stall replacement is relatively simple, but yields great benefits: Make your bathroom safer by eliminating and preventing the growth of hazardous mold; Fix any water leaks that can damage the bathroom’s structure and increase your water bills; Dramatically improve the appearance of your bathroom, leading to more joy and an increase in your home’s value.

Shower Stall Replacement

Shower Stall Replacement in 3 Simple Steps!

Replacing a shower stall is simple and fast when handled by an experienced professional. In as little as one afternoon, you can have a pristine, updated shower to enjoy.

1.Removal of the showerhead
A professional plumber will turn off the water valve and remove the shower fixtures and drain assembly.

2.Removal of the shower stall

Next, the entire stall is removed by cutting the caulk around the perimeter. The shower expert will ensure the shower stall walls are smooth and free from any leftover caulk.

3.Replacement of the new stall

The new unit is lifted into place and set over the drain opening to ensure a perfect match. Holes are cut into the stall for the showerhead pipe and water knobs. Once the stall perfectly matches the space, new caulk is put down to secure it in place.

Work with Professionals for Quick and Easy Shower Stall Replacement

Are you ready for a new shower? Get in touch with Fox Plumbing for quick and easy shower stall replacement to enjoy the look, efficiency and functionality of a beautiful new shower.

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