Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive which makes fast leak detection imperative. Even a little hole can drag you into financial debt in only a couple of hours. Hence it becomes vital to find the cause of leakage to protect slab.
Fox Plumbing Company has more than 26 years’ experience detecting and settling leaks and is here to serve as your specialists on call! Our services include Pool, Spa & Fountain water check, plumbing and leak detection for house and commercial properties. We provide all this range of service in all of San Diego!
There are numerous reasons behind leaks. At Fox Plumbing, our primary goal is detecting leak precisely because if this is not done properly, water will keep on draining on your slab.

Leaking Pipes

When you begin to notice the sound of running water, water stain on the wall, floor, or ceiling, and a significant increase in your water bill, it’s time to call a plumbing contractor. These are all signs that you have a leak somewhere in the plumbing system of your house. A leak of any kind needs to be handled immediately if you don’t want any severe consequence to come from the leaks damage. At Fox Plumbing, we offer the emergency plumbing services that you need when dealing with a leak. Our leak detection and repair experts will fix the issue as soon as possible to make sure that you don’t have to suffer from any further damage from the leak than you already have.

Leak Detection

While some leaks are easy to spot because of water spots on the ceiling, wall, or floor, and they can be heard clearly based on their location, there are some leaks that aren’t as easy to find without the proper equipment. Problems such as slab leaks, sewer pipe leaks, and from mainline water pipes are much harder to detect because of their location underground. Often, the only way to even know that you have a slab leak is by checking your water bill. If you notice your water bill significantly higher than it is on average, it’s a clear sign that you have a leak. The issue comes with finding the exact location of the problem.

At Fox Plumbing, we have the experts and equipment that you need to fix the leak as soon as possible. With our experts and equipment, we will find the exact location of the leak, whether it’s inside or outside. Slab leaks require the plumbers to dig beneath the slab of concrete or dirt that is covering the pipe, so hiring the experts that are well trained in finding the leak’s source is as important as contacting a plumbing contractor in the first place.

Leak Repair

When your pipes are still relatively new, you can have the pipes repaired where the leak is occurring. Leaks can occur with metal pipes such as brass and copper pipes, as well as PVC and PEX pipes. Metal pipes can suffer from corrosion over time if the acidic levels of your water are higher than normal.
As this water passes through the pipe over time, pinhole leaks begin to appear and create an issue. PEX and PVC pipes can burst due to cold temperature. Your PEX and PVC pipes could burst due to the weather. At Fox Plumbing, we will find the source of the leak and patch it up.