I can do it myself right?

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As I was doing some updates to the site today I ran across some great info put out by one of our water heater companies.  I couldn’t say it better myself, so I wont.  I’m going to plagiarise!!  Thank you Bradford White for putting this together.  This is only a portion of their info, you can get the rest here.

Why should you hire a pro to install your water heater?

Yes, it’s tempting to run down to the big box store, throw a water heater in a cart, and head home with your purchase. But a water heater isn’t a gallon of paint. You can’t just cover up your mistakes. There are serious risks to you, your family, your home or business by “Doing-it-Yourself” incorrectly.  Proper installation of gas and oil-fired water heaters requires understanding of the fuel source, connection techniques, supply line materials, and start up procedures. Leaking fuel can, at best, be an awful mess and, at worst, be a very dangerous situation. Hiring a professional ensures a safe installation.  Venting material requirements and configurations vary by water heater design. So do approved vent lengths. Maybe your new water heater won’t operate with your existing venting materials. Carbon monoxide is nothing to fool around with. Your pro will know.   Installation of electric water heaters requires knowledge of the properly rated wiring material as well as an understanding of the home’s electrical capacity. An adequate electrical service is a requirement.

Installing a water heater can be a challenge. An inexperienced installer or do-it-yourselfer could inadvertently dry-fire the elements, damage delicate parts, cross-thread gas connections, forget the drain pan, ignore the need for an expansion tank… the list is endless.  As we’ve always said, “Do it yourself and you’ll only have yourself to blame.” Professional installers provide a service and part of that service is to stand behind their work.

Can you get it done cheaper?  Possibly, but what is your peace of mind worth? Knowing you have the right water heater for your needs, knowing it was installed correctly, and knowing you have someone to count on gives you confidence. That is a priceless commodity you can get at a reasonable price.

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